Western Roadkill Observation System. List your observations. : Roadkill-Entry-Page


For our roadkill questionnaire please click the Blue Eagle

Call us If you see a hit.
No time for forms and maps? No problem.  We have a cell phone
Please don't use your cell phone while driving.

You can text or call the cell phone when funds are available. If you see an animal hit or laying
along the road please make a sighting report or call/text if you prefer.

This includes the Walla Walla WA area. We take hit related calls in all states but I personally can only check my local area contacts. If you see one give us a call at the number 509  and when I am available I will 386 go check 80 it out 98.

Use the above numbers to make our cell phone number. Please  mention species, time, date, road, mile post. Call back ### if I can't find it.

Use the form on the side of the page
use the WROS Contact Form with
Roadkill Sighting in the Subject Line.

Want to help? 

Thank You For The Fuel

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