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USDA - APHIS - Wildlife Damage

National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC)

NWRC Annual Publications List 2006

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06-1 ARJO, W. M., AND D. L. NOLTE. 2006. Boomer or bust: managing a Pacific Northwest pest species. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:181-186. 225K

06-2 ARJO, W. M., K. K. WAGNER, D. L. NOLTE, R. S. STAHL, AND J. J. JOHNSTON. 2006. Potential non-target risks from strychnine-containing rodent carcasses. Crop Protection 25:182-187.

06-3 AVERY, M. L., J. S. HUMPHREY, E. A. TILLMAN, AND M. P. MILLESON. 2006. Responses of black vultures to roost dispersal in Radford, Virginia. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:239-243. 154K

06-4 AVERY, M. L., K. L. KEACHER, AND E. A. TILLMAN. 2006. Development of nicarbazin bait for managing rock pigeon populations. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:116-120. 92K

06-5 AVERY, M. L., J. R. LINDSAY, J. R. NEWMAN, S. PRUETT-JONES, AND E. A. TILLMAN. 2006. Reducing monk parakeet impacts to electric utility facilities in South Florida. Pages 125-136 in e. C. J. Feare and D. P.Cowan, editors. Advances in vertebrate pest management Vol IV. Filander Verlag, Furth, Federal Republic of Germany.154K

06-6 BALLIETTE, J., J. M. O'BRIEN, AND J. D. EISEMANN. 2006. Efficacy of strychnine and zinc phosphide cabbage baits in controlling ground squirrels in Diamond Valley, Nevada. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:151-155. 196K

06-7 BANGS, E., M. JIMINEZ, C. NIEMEYER, J. C. M. FONTAINE, R. KRISCHKE, L. HANDEGARD, J. SHIVIK, C. SIME, S. NADEAU, C. MACK, D. W. SMITH, V. ASHER, AND S. STONE. 2006. Non-lethal and lethal tools to manage wolf-livestock conflict in the northwestern United States. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:7-16. 155K

06-8 BEARD, K. H., AND W. C. PITT. 2006. Potential predators of an invasive frog (Eleutherodactylus coqui) in Hawaiian forests. Journal of Tropical Ecology 22:345-347. 152K

06-9 BERENTSEN, A. R., J. J. JOHNSTON, R. E. MAULDIN, AND R. H. SCHMIDT. 2006. Using the CLOD to deliver pentachlorobenzene to coyotes (Canis latrans). Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:277-281. 516K

06 Beringer, Millspaugh et al. see 06-117 below

06-10 BLACKWELL, B. F., T. W. SEAMANS, AND B. E. WASHBURN. 2006. Use of infrared technology in wildlife surveys. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:467-472. 127K

06-11 BLACKWELL, B. F., AND S. E. WRIGHT. 2006. Collisions of red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis), turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) and black vultures (Coragyps atratus) with aircraft: implications for bird strike reduction. Journal of Raptor Research 40:76-80. 271K


06-13 BRECK, S. W. 2006. Sampling rare or elusive species: concepts, designs, and techniques for estimating
population parameters: a review. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:897-898. 54K

06-14 BRECK, S. W., N. LANCE, AND J. BOURASSA. 2006. Limitations of receiver/data loggers for monitoring radiocollared animals. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:111-115. l, 347K)

06-15 BRECK, S. W., N. LANCE, AND P. CALLAHAN. 2006. A shocking device for protection of concentrated food sources from black bears. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:23-26. 327K

06-16 BUSH , R. M., M. E. CLARK, W. L. REED, AND G. M. LINZ. 2006. Red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) reproduction in North Dakota. Sunflower Research Forum Papers http://www.sunflowernsa.com/research/research-workshop/documents/Bush_BlackbirdReprod_06.pdf. 171K

06-17 CAMPBELL, T. A., S. J. LAPIDGE, AND D. B. LONG. 2006. Using baits to deliver pharmaceuticals to feral swine in southern Texas. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:1184-1189. 138K

06-18 CHAVEZ, A. S., AND E. M. GESE. 2006. Landscape use and movements of wolves in relation to livestodk in a wildland-agriculture matrix. Journal of Wildlife Management 70:1079-1086. 182K

06-19 CLARK, L., AND J. HALL. 2006. Avian influenza in wild birds: status as reservoirs and risks to humans and agriculture. Ornithological Monographs 60:3-29. 622K

06-20 CLARK , L., J. HALL, R. MCLEAN, M. DUNBAR, K. KLENK, R. BOWEN, AND C. A. SMERASKI. 2006. Susceptibility of greater sage-grouse to experimental infection with West Nile virus. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 42:14-22. 119K

06-21 CUMMINGS, J. L., D. L. YORK, T. M. PRIMUS, R. M. ENGEMAN, AND R. E. MAULDIN. 2006. Effectiveness of Flight Control to reduce damage to lettuce seedlings from horned larks. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:225-227. 91K

06-22 DUNBAR, M., AND K. A. MACCARTHY. 2006. Use of infrared thermography to detect signs of rabies infection in raccoons (Procyon lotor). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 37:518-523. 337K

06-23 EISEMANN, J. D., K. A. FAGERSTONE, AND J. R. O'HARE. 2006. Wildlife contraceptives: a regulatory hot potato. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:63-66. 81K

06-24 EISEMANN, J. D., AND C. E. SWIFT. 2006. Ecological and human health hazards from broadcast application of
0.005% diphacinone rodenticide baits in native Hawaiian ecosytems. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference

22:413-433. 370K

06-25 ENGEMAN, R. M. 2006. A surprising observation of spiny softshell climbing ability. Journal of Kansas Herpetology No.19:9-10. 61K

06-26 ENGEMAN, R. M., AND M. A. ENGEMAN. 2006. Bufo woodhousii (Woodhouse's toad) survival. Herpetological Review 37:442-443. 67K

06-27 ENGEMAN, R. M., AND P. EVANGILISTA. 2006. Investigating the feasibility of a passive tracking index for monitoring wildlife in the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. African Journal of Ecology 45:184-188. 452K

06-28 ENGEMAN , R. M., R. E. MARTIN, H. T. SMITH, J. WOOLARD, C. K. CRADY, B. CONSTANTIN, M. STAHL, AND N. P. GRONINGER. 2006. Impact on predation of sea turtle nests when predator control was removed midway through the nesting season. Wildlife Research 33:187-192. 120K

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USDA - APHIS - Wildlife Damage

06-29 ENGEMAN, R., AND D. WHISSON. 2006. Using a general indexing paradigm to monitor rodent populations. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 58:2-8. 148K

06-30 ENGEMAN, R., D. WHISSON, J. QUINN, F. CANO, P. QUINONES, AND T. H. WHITE JR. 2006. Monitoring invasive mammalian predator populations sharing habitat with the critically endangered Puerto Rican parrot Amazona vittata. Oryx 40:95-102. 129K

06-31 ENGEMAN, R., J. W. WOOLARD, N. D. PERRY, G. WITMER, S. HARDIN, L. BRASHEARS, H. SMITH, B. MUIZNIEKS, AND B. CONSTANTIN. 2006. Rapid assessment for a new invasive species threat: the case of the Gambian giant pouched rat in Florida. Wildlife Research 33:439-448. 403K

06-32 FAGERSTONE, K. A., L. A. MILLER, K. S. BYNUM, J. D. EISEMANN, AND C. YODER. 2006. When, where and for what wildlife species will contraception be a useful management approach? Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:45-54. 192K

06-33 FALLON, J. A., R. L. COCHRANE, B. S. DORR, AND H. KLANDORF. 2006. Interspecies comparison of pentosidine accumulation and its correlation with age in birds. Auk 123:870-876. 177K

06-36 GANTZ, G. F., L. C. STODDART, AND F. F. KNOWLTON. 2006. Accuracy of aerial telemetry locations in mountainous terrain. Journal of Wildlife Management 70:1809-1812. 100K

06-37 GEHRING, T. M., J. E. HAWLEY, S. J. DAVIDSON, S. T. ROSSLER, A. C. CELLAR, R. N. SCHULTZ, A. P. WYDEVEN, AND K. C. VERCAUTEREN. 2006. Are viable non-lethal management tools available for reducing wolf-human conflict? Preliminary results from field experiments. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:2-6. 115K

06-38 GESE, E. M. 2006. Depredation management techniques for coyotes and wolves in North America: lessons learned and possible application to Brazilian carnivores. Pages 193-214 in R. G. Morato, F. H. G. Rodrigues, E. Eizirik, P. R. Mangini, F. C. C. Azevedo, and J. Marinho-Filho, editors. Manejo e Conservacao de Carnivoros Neotropicais. Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renovaveis. 1,102K

06-39 GESE, E. M. 2006. The mesocarnivores of Yellowstone National Park: observed and potential responses to wolf reintroduction. Pages 256-262 in D. R. McCullough, K. Kaji, and M. Yamanaka, editors. Wildlife in Shiretoko and Yellowstone National Parks: lessons in wildlife conservation from two World Heritage Sites (English version). Shiretoko Nature Foundation, Hokkaido, Japan. (photos accompanying the article are from the Japanese version and not available in the English version. Thus, photo paging is inconsistent with rest of article.) 468K

06-43 HARPAZ, S., AND L. CLARK. 2006. Effects of addition of a bird repellent to fish diets on their growth and bioaccumulation. Aquaculture Research 37:132-138. 118K

06-44 JOHNSTON, J. J., J. L. CUMMINGS, D. J. KOHLER, AND R. STAHL. 2006. Probabilistic model to optimize formulation and baiting strategies for the pesticide CPTH (3-chloro-4-methylaniline hydrochloride). Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:440-446. 166K

06-45 JOHNSTON, J. J., J. C. HURLEY, T. M. PRIMUS, B. S. SCHMIDT, AND T. J. DELIBERTO. 2006. Improving rabies vaccine baits. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:344-345. 85K

06-46 JOJOLA, S. M., G. WITMER, AND D. L. NOLTE. 2006. Managing invasive nutria: the role of olfactory cues. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:192-194. 73K

06-47 KILLIAN, G., N. K. DIEHL, L. MILLER, J. RHYAN, AND D. THAIN. 2006. Long-term efficacy of three contraceptive approaches for population control of wild horses. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:67-71. 172K55:378-384. 172K

06-48 KILLIAN, G., J. D. EISEMANN, D. WAGNER, J. WERNER, D. SHAW, R. ENGEMAN, AND L. MILLER. 2006. Safety and toxicity evaluation of GonaCon immunocontraceptive vaccine in white-tailed deer. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:82-87. 205K

06-49 KILLIAN, G., L. MILLER, J. RHYAN, AND H. DOTEN. 2006. Immunocontraception of Florida feral swine with a single-dose GnRH vaccine. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 55:378-384. 172K

06-50 KIMBALL, B. A., AND D. L. NOLTE. 2006. Animal tissue-based herbivore repellents: scary odours or altered palatability? Pages 59-72 in C. J. Feare and D. P. Cowan, editors. Advances in vertebrate pest management Vol IV. Filander Verlag, Furth, Federal Republic of Germany. 203K

06-51 KIMBALL, B. A., AND D. L. NOLTE. 2006. Development of a new deer repellent for the protection of forest resources. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 21:108-111. 209K

06-52 KITCHEN, A. M., E. M. GESE, L. P. WAITS, S. M. KARKI, AND E. R. SCHAUSTER. 2006. Multiple breeding strategies in the swift fox, Vulpes velox. Animal Behaviour 71:1029-1038. 297K

06-53 KITCHEN, A. M., AND F. F. KNOWLTON. 2006. Cross-fostering in coyotes: evaluation of a potential conservation and research tool for coyotes. Biological Conservation 129:221-225. 120K

06-54 LINZ, G. M., H. J. HOMAN, AND L. B. PENRY. 2006. Evaluation of potential insect baits for red-winged blackbirds. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 22:256-257. 69K

06-55 LINZ, G. M., H. J. HOMAN, A. A. SLOWIK, AND L. B. PENRY. 2006. Comparison of Lorsban -4E and caffeine aerially sprayed on sunflower plots for bird repellency. Sunflower Research Forum Papers http://www.sunflowernsa.com/research/research-workshop/documents/Linz_Lorsban_06.pdf. 75K

06-56 LINZ, G. M., H. J. HOMAN, A. A. SLOWIK, AND L. B. PENRY. 2006. Evaluation of registered pesticides as repellents for reducing blackbird (Icteridae) damage to sunflower. Crop Protection 25:842-847. 230K

06-57 LONG, D. B., T. A. CAMPBELL, AND S. E. HENKE. 2006. Baylisascaris procyonis (Nematoda: Ascaridoidea) in raccoons (Procyon lotor) from Duval County, Texas. Texas Journal of Science 58:281-285.208K

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